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My Christmas decorations are still up, BUT all my Tupperware have matching lids

A few weeks ago, a friend who has started publishing with her husband, text to see what they might do to drive more traffic to their Facebook page #hustlevalleypress ( She had an idea to do weekly wins. She asked if this was something I'd like to see shared and if I would be comfortable sharing my weekly win. My honest response was "Normally I don't share like weekly updates/wins but it would be something positive with all the negative going on in the world. I wouldn't be against sharing wins."

And then my sister started doing fitness coaching #fasterwaytofatloss ( - just in case anyone might read this and be interested. In our Facebook group, she also asked us to post our weekly wins.

Then at church this morning, I was talking with a friend about needing to do things and be an adult but we both laughed about our tiny wins for the week.

These really got me thinking, how often do we focus on what we didn't do or need to do, instead of what we did accomplish:

-I need to catch up on my bible study

-My house is a disaster (I still have most of my Christmas decorations up)

-I have laundry to do

-I need to meal prep

-I need to do some work for my stepdad

But what did I accomplish this week:

-I worked out everyday and made healthy choices (I even had my 6 year old "workout" with me)

-I cleaned the mess under my kitchen sink and now it's fully organized

-I cleaned out and organized both my fridge and pantry

-Made beef stew for my husband (trying to get close to his mom's recipe that no one has)


For me, a lot of my daily stresses come from what I didn't do, what still needs to be checked off my list. What if we stopped only writing the "must do's"? What if my list started and ended my list with something that makes me feel good so I can bookend my day checking off my list and feeling accomplished instead of overwhelmed? What if my todo looked like this:

-Drank a water before coffee

-Made coffee

-Got my morning hug from the dog

-Woke up my daughter for snuggles before school or before weekend errands

-Had more coffee

-Read my bible

-All the must do's

-And continued....

-Had dinner with my family

-Played with my daughter

-Did my skincare

-Snuggled my daughter before bed and listened to music

Do I need to be productive? Absolutely. I need to take down my Christmas decorations and I need to vacuum up all the stuffing from the latest toy that sacrificed it's life to our labradoodle. There is laundry to do, trash to take out, bathrooms that could use a quick once over. But my dishes are clean, my family is happy, and all my Tupperware have lids.

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I did the Tupperware toss in July … it was so freeing. My thing today has been sock. I hold onto socks that are mismatched ‘just in case’ I ever find the other one. The amount of mental space that takes is shocking. So once or twice a year if it doesn’t have a match it goes! Then when I find the mate (as 90% of the time I do…) I throw it away with a free mind. Crazy the junk that we live rent-free in our heads. Love your post, wishing you an AMAZING week!

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